move well . feel well . look well

Studio Scoop Pilates offers classes in the Guildford area, plus videos, retreats and workshops designed to help you feel better in your body.


The beauty of Pilates is that it brings long-term benefits in the way you move and how you feel. And it supports you through every stage of life. My friendly, tailored tuition can help you recover from injury, boost your body confidence and awareness, and also improve your overall long-term wellness.

Whether you're looking for a local mat class, 121 Pilates in your own home, or a studio equipment session, I can help you support, strengthen and add stability to your body.


We all deserve the time to focus on ourselves. You'll leave one of my retreats feeling energised, fitter, stronger and happier in your own skin.

My passion for Pilates began when I saw the results for myself. Since then I’ve relied on it as a way of improving the way I look, move and also feel about my body.

Looking at getting your body in shape before or after having a baby, strengthening your pelvic floor, recovering from injury or supporting your body through the menopause? Pilates can help with all these real-life issues, and more. 

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