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Hi, I'm Caroline...

... Pilates teacher, mum to two gorgeous girls and eternally positive thinker!


My passion for Pilates began when I started my own practice in 2004. I had a runner's injury and quickly saw how the principles of Pilates can have overwhelming benefits. 


Pilates effectively supported my body though two challenging pregnancies. It helped me build strength in my body and pelvic floor when other styles of exercise were too demanding. Since then I’ve relied on it as a way of improving the way I look, move and also feel about my body. 


I created Studio Scoop Pilates as a way to empower other people to feel better in their bodies too. Incorporating the principles of Pilates into your lifestyle provides support, strength and stability as we go through periods of change, and as we age. Pilates is a safe, long-term investment that will enable you to understand your body, how it moves and how best to enhance it for real and long-lasting results.


My classes are friendly, welcoming and firmly non-competitive. I'll teach you not only how to get the most from your time with me, but also how to incorporate the beneficial principles of Pilates into your day-to-day life. 


Whether you're looking to join a regular class in the Guildford area, or would like to come along to a retreat or workshop, I look forward to introducing you to the benefits of Pilates too.


Let's chat...

07803 128697